Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Little Cat :D

Hey , I want introduce my cat to you J . My cat is an Anggora species , it colours's black and white (just like Michael Jackson's song "Black and White .. Auuw" hihi) oya , he has a black spot near his nose hihi :p . His name is Tompel , but my brother doesn't like that name , so he prefer to Thomas haha and sometimes we both called it Thomas Taw hahah :p my cat is really aggressive and active ,whenever he's hungry , he'll running around living room , and sometimes bite my foot , can u feel that ? oo that's really hurt , sometimes I said to him "Please don't bite my foot , I promise I'll give you food , yayaya" hahahah I'm just like crazy people :DD I like him so much , I like to play with him when I'm go home after school . Every I go home after school , I always ask my mom "Ma , where's Thomas ?" my mama answered "Maybe in living room , try to find him" and when I'm in living room "Thomass ! Thomass !" sometimes he comes to me , and I'll cuddle him , oo how cute is it ? But sometimes he never care too whenever I call him when I go home , or down upstair from my room , he just in stair , see right at me , and sometimes when he saw me like that he'll go close to me haha .The thing I like do to my cat is disturb him when he's asleep haha it's really funny :p hmm , sometimes he' accompany me when I'm asleep in my bedroom , he sleep right beside me :D sometimes he's annoying too , but I love him so much :*

That's Thomas ! my brother took this picture when he's sleep haha cute , isn't it ? I like this pict very much . Actually I've other pict , and that's nicer than this , but I don't know where , maybe it was deleted by my brother oh poor L

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