Saturday, August 6, 2011

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2

Have you watched Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2? I’m sure you have cause i know, i’m quiet late to post this one lol but i’ve watched on July 30th yesterday .. hahah
I watched it on 3D format!! Quiet cool! But its dissaponting too..

I’m so excited while i watched this! I love many part on this film!!

Such as when Minerva McGonagall protect hogwarts when voldemort decide to attack this school,
hmm when Snape died and he wants Harry to put his tears on a lil bottle,

when snape still a child and in love with Lily Evans (Harry’s Mum)until he’s dead,

when Harry hug his son Albus Severus Potter (Arthur Bowen), and many more! Its too hard to explain!! What’s your favorite part? :p

And the painful one was RON KISS HERMIONE for the first time!! Lol it broke my heart!! Why? Cause i love Ron! I love Rupert Grint! Hahah skip this one ... Which part do you hate? :p

The scary one is when Harry put a tiara to fire and then three face of Voldemort (or whatever) come out!! I screaming so loudly on theater!! I feel so embarassed u,u

Oya, in the End you’ll find Harry has a child name Albus and a daughter too, he was married with Ginny Weasley, and Ron finally marry Hermione lol and they have 2 kids, a boy, and a girl

But, if you havent watch this movie, please watch this! I recommend you this!
I cant tell the movie here, there’s too much to say if i tell it lol ..

The important thing.. i never be able to say that Harry Potter was END!! Cause they lived in my heart forever u,u

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