Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sheep, Sheep, Sheep!

Hola everyone, well it nice to meet you all today. How's life? I hope you all have a wonderful day!
So, this is February, what's your plan in this month?
Well, if you ask me about my plan, it's just study, study, study! 'cause I'll have a final examination on April!
It's so fast, for a moment I'll be a senior high school student. May God bless me with all I've did :)

So this post titled "Sheep, Sheep, Sheep!", you asked it "why?"
Well, I don't think so you guys asked it hahaha. My mom and dad were came home last Sunday from Surabaya, East Java. They bought me some souvenirs! and one that I love most is my new "Shaun The Sheep" doll! It's so cute...

And for your information (FYI), my mom just bought me the big one, and I bought the little "Timmy" for about two months ago. So, are you guys love Shaun The Sheep too as me?
And, don't forget the cookies! My mom bought it too. I forgot the name, but the taste is really delicious, yumm...

And this is the thing that I love most too! Shoes!!
Yap, my mom bought it for me! Not a fashionable shoes, but it's quite cute and unique too.

That's all I want to share today, see ya next time :)

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