Monday, June 4, 2012

What's Hot Now?

Hi everyone. This is my first post on June, right? Okay, I'm satisfied enough with my final exam result. It's quite good. I'll be a Senior High School student in a moment. It's cool! Now, I'll tell you about "What's Hot Now" on June!

1. Flower Pattern!

Okay, Flower pattern is being a trend again. I guess it will be a trend forever! Cause I think that this pattern is never die hahaha. I really love this pattern, and I know you really do :) Every girls love this I think. Try to mix and match this pattern with something plain. And if you wear hijab like me, you can wear a floral pashmina like mine (Look at "Floral Pashmina" post). Or a long skirt with floral pattern inside.

2. Tote Bag!

Tote bag is being a trend nowadays. I love to wear this bag. It's simple, chic, fashionable and can bring a lot of stuff hahaha. You must have this stuff :D

3. Shimmering Nails!

Glitter nail polish is really lovely. This make your nails looks elegant and lovely. I really love to wear this nail polish, it's look glam! :D I reccomended you to have this nail polish. Don't forget to match the nail polish color with your style ;)

4. Wrap Your Hair!

You have a hair bad day? Well, you can wrap it! It's fashionable, and always match with any style. You can wear scarf  then you wrap it all around your head then bundle it. or you can wear a thin scarf for a headband with a little bow with it. Red scarf for a beautiful look. And if your wear hijab, you can wear this too, but if you can wear this as well on your hijab, it will be more pretty. If you can't, try to learn it first :)

That's all about "What's Hot Now" this month. Hope it useful for your style. And sorry if I have much mistakes, in fact I can't speak English well, I still learn it :) And these photos are from Tumblr and Lookbook.

Dela -xx

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