Monday, February 13, 2012

Taylor Swift

Anyone loves Taylor Swift here? If you ask me, I will say "Yes! I love her!". Taylor is really inspiring! Her fashion is so amazing! and her song too. Nowadays I like to listen to Mine, and Love Story.

This when she was in Grammy Awards 2012. She looked gogeous!
And I love this photo too, just looked what she wore, simple but still looked chic. That's Taylor
Tomorrow is 14th of February. Happy valentine's day you guys! Wish I will have something special tomorrow hahaha forget it :)


  1. Omg, these pictures are me, where you got it? :p haha kidding Delaaa :p

  2. Oo ellen I got it in my room trash :o xixixix nope, in tumblr, my home:D

  3. shoot -_- i know that swift was me, you always took any picture of me right? B-) *giggling*

    1. hahaha yes, there's many in my handphone :] you've edited you blog, it's really cuteeeee *kawaii :3