Friday, May 25, 2012

Trip To : Bandung!

Hi everyone! Love to see you all again, after I did my final exam. So glad I can thru this. Well, I wanna tell you about my holiday last week. Maybe I was too late to post this, but I'm busy, and I don't time to write this down.

So, I went to Bandung on May, 14th 2012. I have waiting for this trip, and here I come! I really excited, I only spend 3 days in Bandung, then 3 days more in Jakarta. I stayed in Ibis Hotel, and it was comfy... The first day in Bandung, I spend it all in hotel. I just so tired, I just arrived in Bandung at about 7 p.m. Then, the second day, I went to Trans Studio with my brother and sister :) I have a great time with them! 

This is me with my sister (Actually she is my brother's girlfriend :p)

I went to Trans Studio at 11 a.m then I came to hotel at 7 p.m . Well, I played so manyyyy games! but not the extereme one! I'm afraid to ride it x_x well, this is my favorite, Marvel Superheroes : The Rides! Actually, this a cinema for 4D film and it's all about Marvel Superheroes like Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man. If you have already watched The Avengers, you'll maybe love this one too! I recommended if you come to Trans Studio Bandung! I watched this 4D film twice LOL

Well, sorry I can't show you about all of the games inside Trans Studio, I didn't photo it :( then, I'm so excited to wait the parade! The parade is started at 5 p.m.

This is Elvis and Marilyn :D

This is Katy Perry (Sorry this is blur :( )

This is my brother :D

Actually I have many photos of the parade, but I think this is enough :D That's all from me, when I was in Trans Studio. And then the third day, I went to Jakarta...

Dela- xx

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