Saturday, May 26, 2012

Trip To : Jakarta!

This is the sequel story of my last post, you can read that, below this post :)
So, I went to Jakarta by train from Bandung, when you decided to go to Jakarta with train, you'll see this along the way! I love this really

If you go by train, it will takes 3 hours. Then, when I arrived at Jakarta, I stayed in Sari Pan Pasific Hotel. The first day in Jakarta, I spend it all at Cempaka Mas, I didn't buy anything, I just have a little time there cause I arrived in Jakarta at about 4 p.m . then the next day I went to Bekasi, Me and my mom and dad visited my family there.

Then I went home at about 2 p.m, when I arrived at Jakarta, I went to Grand Indonesia, and bought something there. Barbie doll!!! So I have a new Barbie doll

The next day, I went to Tana Abang. I bought a lot of clothes there. I spend a day in Tana Abang. When I went to hotel, I felt so tired, so I decided to order some foods. I ordered 2 Sushis and my brother ordered fried noodle. My dad said that this is my birthday party lol actually my birthday was on 20th of May, but the party was be held on 18th of  May.

The third day in Jakarta, was the last day. I went home to Balikpapan. 

Dela -xx

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